Stabilisation, reinforcement, filtration, and separation – all in 1 product

Photo of a UK motorway with wind trubines in the background.

Improve your infrastructure projects with UKCA & CE certified Combigrid® geogrid solutions

Dedication to advancing sustainable practices within the civil engineering and construction sectors means to develop solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. We are excited to share that Naue Secugrid® and Combigrid® geogrids now come with the CE mark for the “Stabilisation” function, a testament to their capability in guaranteeing long-lasting stabilisation and reinforcement of base courses.

This news comes with great benefits for you:

  • Certified quality: The UKCA & CE marking underlines the fulfilment of essential requirements, ensuring that you are using products that meet stringent European and British standards.

  • Sustainable infrastructure: With the stabilisation function of Naue geogrids, you can increase the load-bearing capacity by minimising lateral movement of unbound aggregate over soft ground, leading to more durable and sustainable infrastructure projects.

  • Enhanced performance: Combigrid® combines the functions stabilisation, reinforcement, filtration, and separation in one product. This enables an efficient installation process for long-term reliable base and/or sub-base courses and ensures that your infrastructure can durably withstand dynamic stresses from traffic loads.

Webinar alert: All our partners, clients, and anyone interested in sustainable infrastructure solutions are invited to join our live webinars titled “Economic and safe: New paths for a sustainable infrastructure”. The sessions will provide an in-depth exploration of soil/geogrid interactions and elucidate the advantages Combigrid® geogrids offer in significantly enhancing the resilience and lifespan of your infrastructure projects.

Discover Combigrid®: To provide a holistic understanding of Combigrid® and its benefits, visit our brand-new web page. Here, you can watch a movie, where our product manager introduces the unique features and benefits of our Combigrid® geocomposite. Learn more about our webinars and access valuable resources on sustainable infrastructure design.