Our Secutex® Green has won the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022

Award for Secutex® Green

Naue is awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022

Together climate-friendly into the future: This topic was the focus of this year’s GaLaBau in Nuremberg. But how can construction projects be made more environmentally friendly, and which solutions are not only sustainable but also economically efficient? With Secutex® Green, the Naue Group from East Westphalia, Germany, has found an answer to these and other questions. With success. The biodegradable nonwoven has now been awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022.

Secutex® Green is a product from the Naue GreenLine and is made from renewable raw materials. More and more companies are using a nonwoven in its different variants for separating, filtering and fastening. The product has proven itself, especially in gardening and landscaping.

Here it is used, among other things, as erosion protection, bank protection or in near-natural watercourse development. Secutex® Green nonwoven is one hundred percent biodegradable. This means that the UV-resistant nonwoven can remain in the soil without leaving any harmful residues, even if the construction will no longer be used in a few years. It will be completely decomposed by the existing soil organisms, microorganisms and fungi. Arguments that also convinced the GaLaBau jury.

“We are very pleased about the award,” emphasises Alexander Naue, Managing Director of the family-owned company. “The positive feedback encourages us to continue investing intensively in research and in products such as Secutex® Green, which enable sustainable, future-oriented construction.”