Naue presents ‘Geosynthetics’ in the ChatGPT Store: A step forward in construction technology!

Naue, an established provider in the world of geosynthetic materials, has become the first company in the geosynthetics industry to introduce an innovative solution in the ChatGPT Store: the ‘Geosynthetics’ GPT bot. This tool connects expertise in geotechnical engineering with the artificial intelligence capabilities of ChatGPT.

‘Geosynthetics’ aims to assist users in simplifying complex decisions related to the use of geosynthetic materials. This AI-based platform efficiently and comprehensibly answers questions on various topics such as erosion protection, material savings in road construction, or environmental considerations in nature conservation areas.

Another important feature of the ‘Geosynthetics’ bot is its ability to evaluate different construction methods in terms of their CO2 emissions and economic aspects. This helps users in environmentally-conscious and cost-effective planning of their projects.

With the introduction of ‘Geosynthetics,’ Naue contributes to expanding the use of artificial intelligence in the construction sector. This step represents a significant development, as it demonstrates how AI technology can be effectively utilized in the planning and execution of construction projects. Naue expands the possibilities in construction and provides a valuable tool for professionals in this field with ‘Geosynthetics.’

Naue remains committed to continuously improving and expanding ‘Geosynthetics’ to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. With this visionary approach, Naue will continue to play a key role in the future of construction and advance the integration of AI in geosynthetic applications.

You can find ‘Geosynthetics’ in the ChatGPT Store or directly at this link:

Please note that you will need ChatGPT 4.0 for this.