Naue Academy Spring Series

Naue Academy Spring Series

In the past two months, a new series of events called the Naue Academy took place for the first time. Numerous participants interested in geotechnical solutions attended the seminar days. The Academy was represented throughout Germany with locations in Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne and Ulm.

Each of the Academy days included several expert lectures on one of these current challenges:

  • Future-proof infrastructure measures – safe planning and tendering
  • Stable on soft ground – sustainable and economical
  •  Sustainable use of substitute building materials – safe handling of construction methods and regulations

The topics focused on the new German “Mantelverordnung”*, which will come into force in August this year. The contents included the safe use of substitute building materials according to the regulations and the legal introduction and commentary from a practical point of view.

Other topics ranged from implementing foundation measures and constructing traffic routes and noise barriers with geogrids to geosynthetic solutions for erosion control and groundwater protection. The advancing digitalisation was taken into account by introducing software support for planning, e.g., retention areas and construction measures according to M TS E.

We thank the speakers Prof. Florian Hörtkorn, Dr. Till Elgeti, Dr.-Ing. Felix Jacobs, Dr. Lars Vollmert, Kent von Maubeuge and Jörg Klompmaker for their informative presentations and the sales representatives Ralph Werner, Eike Obenhaus, André Krause and Christian Psiorz for their successful moderation. Many thanks at this point also to the participants for their interesting questions and contributions to the discussion!

The Naue Academy will continue – international events and in-house seminars for individual companies will also be realised.

The Naue team will be happy to answer any questions about the Academy.

*Mantelverordnung is the “Regulation on the Introduction of a Substitute Construction Materials Regulation (EBV), on the Revision of the Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Regulation (BBodSchV) and on the Amendment of the Landfill Ordinance (DepV) and the Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAbfV)”.