Continuous monitoring of raw materials, components, production and products

All incoming raw materials, fibres or components, needed for the production of our geosynthetics, are subject to a strict material analysis. Acceptance test certificates, submitted by base material suppliers, are reviewed and qualified in accordance with our product specific protocols.

During production of all geosynthetics, additional quality assurance measures are performed.

It goes without saying that the quality assurance department, in its organizational structure and processes, is independent of production. After all quality assurance measures have been performed as defined in the quality assurance plan, an acceptance test certificate will be issued according to ISO 10204 when requested. Material will only be released once it has passed all quality reviews, checks and has all supporting documentation completed.

These quality assurance measures are conducted for all of our products according to the current standards and guidelines in effect at that time. This continuous manufacturing quality control guarantees product performance characteristics and enables complete documentation from the raw material to the final product.

External audits

Naue geosynthetics also undergo third party quality process checks that are typically performed twice a year. Independent experts obtain test specimens from the different Naue production facilities as well as from the various product inventories. The properties of the geosynthetic products are tested and documented in detail, including the notation of production processes, the type and extent of the manufacturing quality control and any other relevant observations. Independent experts are retained to test project specific product properties and to certify the test results. This testing is in addition to and completes the manufacturing quality control carried out on the raw materials as well as the finished products.

Quality management

Since December 1994, the geosynthetics development, production, sales and geotechnical engineering divisions of Naue GmbH & Co. KG have been certified according to ISO 9001. This certification is regularly validated by scheduled audits.

With the aid of this integrated quality management system, the requirements of the customer and/or the projects are understood and fulfilled. While we continually strive to improve the quality level of our existing products and services, a high-quality foundation is guaranteed by our ISO 9001 standards.

Energy management and environmental management

The integrated process management system also forms the basis for certification in environmental management according to ISO 14.001 and energy management according to ISO 50.001.

At some locations, these are also externally certified.

We will be happy to provide you with our certificates in PDF format on request.

CE marking obligation

As of 01.10.2002, CE marking is compulsory for the majority of geosynthetics The CE marking certifies the conformity of a product with the respective European (EU) standards for specific applications and functions (Separation, Filtration, Reinforcement, Protection and Drainage). All necessary measures to implement the CE marking obligation were implemented by Naue on 1 October 2002.

Application standards for geomembranes were published in 2004 and 2005. Thus, as of September 2006 and January/February 2007, CE marking is mandatory for the sealing function according to the corresponding standards. This applies, for example, to geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners. On 14 February 2006, Naue received the CE mark for Bentofix® geosynthetic clay liners and Carbofol® geomembranes.

By fulfilling the requirements of the CE marking, index values are presented in a comparable form for all products. Above all, requirements for the service life of geosynthetics and their verification are regulated.

We implement the requirements according to the CE marking at all production sites. This is monitored externally by a Notified Body.