Versatile Applications for the Protection of Lift  and Ski-Lift Installations

Naue GlacierProtect proves to be beneficial not only in the areas of snow farming and glacier protection but also offers effective solutions for the protection of ski lift installations. Its versatility and ecological compatibility make Naue GlacierProtect ideal for protecting the base of lift masts from thawing soil as well as serving as an anti-slip mat at the entrances and exits of lifts

Protection of Mast Bases: Stability with Naue GlacierProtect

The structural stability of ski lift masts is a critical factor for safety. Naue GlacierProtect can be strategically used to minimize the thawing of soil around the masts. Its reflective properties deflect direct sunlight, helping to keep the ground frozen and stable for longer periods. This is especially important to maintain the integrity of lift structures under varying weather conditions.

Anti-slip Mats for Entry and Exit Points: Increased Safety with GlacierProtect

Another application area for “GlacierProtect” is its use as an anti-slip mat at the entry and exit points of ski lifts. The robust and slip-resistant material provides a safe standing surface for skiers and snowboarders, reducing the risk of falls and accidents – a crucial aspect in busy ski resorts.

Ecological Footprint: Sustainable Choice with GlacierProtect

The ecological advantage of “GlacierProtect”, due to its biodegradability, is another significant benefit. Using this material in various areas of ski lift installations highlights the environmental consciousness and sustainability efforts of ski resorts.

Conclusion: Naue GlacierProtect as a Comprehensive Solution for Ski Lift Installations

In conclusion, “Naue GlacierProtect” offers an effective, environmentally friendly, and versatile solution for the challenges faced in operating ski lift installations. Whether as protection for the mast bases or as an anti-slip mat, “Naue GlacierProtect” enhances the safety and reliability of ski lift installations while making a valuable contribution to environmental protection