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Bentofix® – GCL as geobarrier to levees – Levee reinforcement in Beesel, The Netherlands

Due to the consequences of climate change and increased river discharges, the levees in the Maas Valley were raised and strengthened in several places to protect the village of Beesel from flooding in the future.

The Naue Portal for geotechnical software tools

The Naue Portal allows you to access Naue’s geotechnical software tools quickly from any device with just one login. Central and absolutely safe.

Our software tools can make your life easier and help you with your design and calculation challenges. The softwares support you with the design of base course thicknesses for stabilised and reinforced base courses, coastal or scour protection systems or reinforced steep slopes, walls and abutments.

Who is Naue?

Naue provides customers with comprehensive solution competence and technical expertise and creates reliable planning and implementation concepts. With our solutions, products and services like installation, design support and software we are your partner for every step of your project journey.

Over 50 years of experience with geosynthetics and references for complex construction projects underline our expertise.

Naue offers geotechnical solutions for your engineering challenges

We are your partner for landfill base lining systems, slope stabilisation in civil engineering projects, sealing systems for groundwater protection, coastal protection, tunnel construction and many more.

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