Offshore wind energy: revolution in scour and cable protection

Effective scour and cable protection, low in CO2 through innovative sand container technology.

Offshore wind energy is at the vanguard of the green energy transition, setting high standards for environmental protection and technical innovation. Our Naue Sand container offer a groundbreaking solution for the protection of offshore wind turbines, rendering the use of heavy rock armour and its CO2-intensive transport redundant. This method reduces environmental impact and simultaneously provides an efficient and economical option for the safeguarding of maritime structures.

Innovation in scour protection: Naue sand containers replace rock armour

Your Advantages:

  • Practical filter and scour protection without rock dumping
  • Time and CO2 savings through direct installation
  • Beneficial for the ecological development of marine fauna
  • Elimination of elaborate stone sourcing and transport
  • Significant reduction in CO2 footprint

Overcome traditional challenges in offshore scour protection with our Naue sand containers. They allow for quick and efficient installation without the need for heavy rock armour, contributing substantially to CO2 savings. The flexible and site-adaptive bags provide a strong and lasting solution that protects submarine ecosystems and enhances biodiversity.

Future-facing cable protection: Naue sand container for Offshore Wind Farms

Your Advantages:

  • Seamless and secure subsea cable protection
  • Adaptive protection system reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance effort

  • Contribution to the protection of the marine environment
  • Less reliance on heavy machinery and transport
  • Promotion of sustainable energy production

With Naue sand container / sandbags, we offer an eco-friendly and efficient solution for the protection of subsea cables and other critical offshore components. The reduction in maintenance and the avoidance of CO2-intensive transport of rock armour make our systems a sustainable choice for protecting your offshore infrastructure. The bags are easily adaptable and installable, support the natural marine environment, and ensure the safe operation of your underwater wind energy facilities. Rely on our expertise to maximise the safety and ecological compatibility of your offshore energy projects.

Expertise for the future of your installations

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