Renewable Energy – Building for a Green Future

Sustainable construction of renewable energy plants secures the future of energy generation

At the heart of the energy transition are sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Our geosynthetic materials play a crucial role in building a green infrastructure that encompasses solar energy, wind energy – both onshore and offshore – hydropower, and biogas plants.

For solar energy projects, our geosynthetic materials provide a reliable and lasting foundation for solar parks. They are designed to increase soil stability and enable the installation of solar modules on a variety of grounds. This ensures optimized alignment of the panels and maximum efficiency of energy production.

In offshore wind energy, our products are crucial for the construction of stable platforms and foundations in deep-sea environments. They withstand the harsh conditions at sea and contribute to maximizing the lifespan and performance of offshore wind farms.

Onshore wind farms benefit from our geosynthetics by solidifying access roads and the sites of wind turbines. Regardless of soil conditions, our solutions enable rapid and secure construction of the facilities and long-term stability.

Hydropower plants, including dams and hydropower stations, require highly specialized geosynthetics for dam construction and dam sealing. Our products provide protection against erosion, reinforce dams, and ensure efficient guidance of headrace channels.

Finally, our biogas solutions support the construction of biogas plants by providing robust and durable materials that contribute to the tightness and resilience of the facilities.

With a clear focus on sustainability and CO2 reduction, our geosynthetic materials are not just a choice for today but an investment in a cleaner, more efficient future. Discover how we are laying the foundation for renewables – with stability, safety, and environmental awareness.