Carbofol® + geomembranes

Naue’s Carbofol® + is not just another geomembrane; it’s the next big step in environ-mental protection by geomembranes, particularly in the demanding mining industry.

Naue Carbofol® + geomembranes are manufactured using high quality polyethylene resins. Carbofol® + is manufactured in various thicknesses and up to 7.50m width. For sealing applications on slopes and for shear-stress transmitting applications, Carbofol® + is produced with a special BF/TF embossed structure with an exceptional performance.

What is different from Carbofol®?

The „+” in the product name indicates an extended oxidation induction time (OIT) and an extended high-pressure oxidation induction time (HPOIT) in the membrane. The „+” is marking our product as the best choice product wherever challenging conditions occur, which require to fulfil OIT as well as HPOIT at the same time. An additional boost of oxidative resistance is especially relevant when aggressive chemical conditions or otherwise harsh conditions (e.g., long exposure to strong UV radiation) must be considered. These are probable conditions in mining ap-plications. In conclusion, there is a push by responsible designers and authorities towards asking for more oxidation resistance to geomembrane products, especially for conditions which are most challenging for polymer components. At the same time, the additional stabilisation of the polyethylene may not be to the disadvantage of mechanical properties that Carbofol® is preferred for, such as ductility and weldability. Naue has developed a resin and masterbatch composition that fulfils all requirements, increasing both OIT to 200 min and HPOIT to 600 min – as well as allowing for the required values of OIT and HPOIT to be present in significant percentage after oven ageing test. Naue provides these advantages for smooth as well as for shear-stress transmitting embossed structures.

Typical fields of application for Carbofol® +

Base lining systems

In the crucial base liner applications with-in landfill and mining operations, Carbofol® + forms an impenetrable barrier against the most hazardous substances.

Application advantage of Carbofol® +

This robust sealing capability ensures that harmful materials are secure-ly contained, preventing contamination of surrounding environments, which is a critical concern in mining areas. Carbofol® + has increased resistance against oxidative chemical attack and thus endures a longer lifetime compared to a conventionally stabilized geomembrane.

Cap lining systems

For tailing or landfill covers, Carbofol® + pro-vides a durable seal over waste, effectively trapping harmful substances.

Application advantage of Carbofol® +

Where chemically aggressive landfill gas is to be expected or future expansions might be considered as piggy-back landfill on the existing cap, a Carbofol® + will be prepared to withstand chemical attacks better than a conventional geomembrane. The embossed structure allows for exceptional performance on slopes and shear transmitting applications.

Specific mining applications

In mining, Carbofol® + excels by offering un-matched protection against the toxic byprod-ucts of mining processes. Carbofol® + plays a critical role in safeguarding groundwater from contamination in mining zones. Its abil-ity to resist aggressive chemical interactions and UV exposure ensures that groundwater remains uncontaminated, which is essential in mining regions where water sources are at high risk.

Application advantage of Carbofol® +

Its superior oxidative resistance and mechanical strength make Carbofol® + the best choice for mining applications, where geomem-branes must withstand harsh chemicals and extreme physical stresses. Its ability to resist aggressive chemical interactions and UV exposure ensures that groundwater remains uncontaminated, which is essential in mining regions where water sources are at high risk.

Naue‘s commitment to innovation in mining

With over four decades of experience, Naue understands the unique challenges of the mining sector. Carbofol® + is a tes-tament to this understanding, offering unmatched protection against environmental hazards typical in mining. The material composition of Carbofol® + – with extended OIT and HPOIT, also in combination with the exceptional embossed surface structure – ensures that it not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of mining applications, providing a new level of safety and reliability.

Advantages of Carbofol® +

  • Robust chemical resistance

  • Enhanced durability

  • Efficient installation

  • Environmental compliance

In summary

Carbofol® + stands out in its ability to tackle the specific and demanding challenges of the mining industry, ensuring both
environmental safety and operational efficiency. It‘s not just a geomembrane; it‘s a shield against the environmental impacts of mining.

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