Bentofix® + X

Bentofix® + X Thermal Lock geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) – also known as geosyn-thetic clay barriers (GBR-C) – are at the forefront of innovation in the mining industry. These needle-punched, reinforced composites that combine two durable geotextile outer layers and a uniform core of high-swelling powder sodium bentonite clay. This forms a uniform, multi-directional, shear-resistant hydraulic barrier with self-sealing and re-healing characteristics. With its outperforming coating, Bentofix® + X types allow enhanced application fields and shear strength transmitting applications.

Typical fields of application for Bentofix® + X

Landfill engineering and mining

Serving as an effective barrier against
groundwater and surface water contamination.

Application advantages of Bentofix® + X

Bentofix® + X serves as a robust barrier against groundwater and surface water contamination. This is crucial in landfill applications to prevent leachate, which can contain hazardous materials, from contaminating the surrounding environment. The additional oxidative resistance of the coating increases the durability of the product.

Hydraulic structures (dams, canals, reservoirs)

Protecting against water permeation in dams, canals, and reservoirs.

Application advantages of Bentofix® + X

For hydraulic structures like dams, canals, and reservoirs, Bentofix® + X ensures protection against water permeation. This is vital for maintaining the structural integrity of these constructions and for preventing water loss or seepage that could weaken the structures or cause environmental issues.

Emphasizing innovation in mining with Bentofix® + X

  • Excellent slope stability

  • Instantaneous sealing action

  • Extended oxidative resistance

The novelty of Bentofix® + X

Extrusion-coated polyethylene liner: This feature of Bentofix® + X typifies the innovative approach of the product, provid-ing an immediate and augmented barrier against gases and radon, a notable advancement in GCL technology.

Comprehensive applications and advantages

  • Cost-effective and superior performance

  • Robust, uniform, and easy installation

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Bentofix® X

Bentofix® X types are multicomponent geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) – also known as geosynthetic clay barriers (GBR-C).


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