Geosynthetics fulfill the stringent containment parameters of landfill liner regulations

The geosynthetics fulfill the requirements for a waste storage facility’s waterproofing and drainage systems.

Landfill base lining systems provide permanent protection of soils and groundwater from the pollutants in a waste mass. Lining system requirements are often specified in national regulations and geosynthetics have become common components of these systems. Geosynthetics fulfill the stringent containment parameters of landfill liner regulations.

Geosynthetics provide an efficient, significantly effective and durable barrier for long­term environmental protection. But achieving this effectiveness requires proper design, specification and installation of the geosynthetic system. To remove waste for repair or remediation of an improperly designed or executed barrier system is technically difficult and expensive. The geosynthetics utilised in a base lining system must be made from high­quality raw materials. The geosynthetics must be highly resistant to chemical and biological attack. For side slopes, the polymeric barrier must have the proper frictional characteristics for geosynthetic­-geosynthetic and geosynthetic­-soil. Understanding how to properly evaluate and select these materials will prevent unacceptable creep or the development of tensile stresses in the system. Creep and unpermitted stresses could lead to slope instability and possible failure.