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Secugrid® HS – Electrification “Südbahn”, Ulm Central Station – Germany

The oldest railway line in Württemberg, Germany, the „Südbahn“, will be electrified and upgraded for a maximum speed of 160km/h. As part of the rehabilitation works, an old bridge near Langenargen will be replaced. In order to create sufficient working and storage space for the construction work, a 4,900m2 large working platform was built directly next to the railway line.

June 7, 2023|

Secumat® – Railway line Groenekan – The Netherlands

Railway slopes are part of a vital and sustainable infrastructure. To make this infrastructure climate safe, it is necessary to take action: protect embankments from surface-parallel erosion, to integrate habitats in a way that they are accepted by animals and plants – while at the same time, the protection system continues to function. Therefore, building a resistant erosion control system for rising weather phenomena with a long duration is essential.

May 25, 2023|
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