Naue takes responsibility in maintaining an intact environment and takes an active role in the field of ecological construction with geosynthetics.

Naue is green. And has been for over 50 years. We believe in the sustainability of geotechnical solutions for the constructions industry due to their longevity, CO2 savings, improved energy balance and more. Naue also focuses on innovation in order to come up with even more sustainable product developments.

ESG Policy

Think. Act. Green.

For planners, project managers, banks and investors, we see three central building blocks for their sustainable success: “Think. Act. Green.” These are also the best proof of our expertise in geotechnical solutions. Both in theory and in practice. Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Our mission

Our mission “Building on sustainable ground” stands for efficiency, progress and commitment. Our geotechnical solutions combine these core values and demonstrate our responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment. As a leading international manufacturer of geotechnical construction materials, we have been focussing on sustainable solutions for over 50 years.

Our vision

Our vision “The global infrastructure of the future is built on Naue” reflects our role as a leading company in the field of innovative geobuilding materials. With sustainable products and solutions, we make a significant contribution to shaping the global infrastructure of the future. Our innovative product portfolio enables us to open up new markets and achieve sustainable growth.