Secudrain® drainage mats

The drainage mat Secudrain® is a geocomposite of a wave-extruded monofilament drainage core and at least one Secutex® nonwoven geotextile as separation / filtration layer. All components are made of polypropylene and are firmly bonded with each other.

Landfill capping system with drainage mat Secudrain®

Typical solutions with Secudrain®

  • Drainage of recultivation/cover soil layers on sealing systems

  • Gas drainage under sealing systems or buildings

  • Leachate detection in multi-layered sealing systems

  • Seepage water drainage at building structures such as bridge abutments, cellars etc.

Selected advantages of Secudrain®

Advantage 1: Excellent long-term behaviour of Secudrain® drainage geocomposites

The long-term behaviour of Secudrain® WD has been extensively investigated in both, laboratory and field tests. The wave structure of the drainage core ensures a high hydraulic capacity in the long term.

Advantage 2: Secudrain® is economic and efficient

Conventional drainage layers consist of several decimeters thick gravel or similar coarse material. Secudrain® replaces mineral material equivalently at significantly reduced work assignment and machinery application due to easier transportation and installation.

Advantage 3: Thermally fused components for high shear resistant bond

Secudrain® geocomposites achieve high inner shear strength due to thermal fusion of the geotextile components to the drainage core. This shear resistant bond also simplifies installation of geocomposite panels.

Creep behaviour of Secudrain WD drainage mat under compressive load