Geogrids for soil reinforcement and stabilization

In the field of soil reinforcement and stabilization, geogrids have proven to be a groundbreaking solution. Geogrids, geosynthetic materials specifically designed to reinforce and stabilize soils, have attracted considerable attention due to their superior tensile strength and durability.

One standout product in this domain is Secugrid®, a robust geogrid created using cutting-edge technology. Manufactured by Naue, Secugrid® combines high stiffness and low creep tendency, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring high tensile strength over extended periods.

Secugrid® Geogrids are available in both biaxial and uniaxial types, and are made from robust materials like polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). They provide excellent solutions for base course stabilization & reinforcement, empowering unbound granular layers in applications ranging from temporary roads and working platforms to permanent traffic areas and railways.

Furthermore, they are effective in reinforcing walls and slopes, enhancing the resilience of earth structures against applied loads. In the case of an embankment built on soft soil, Secugrid® helps enhance stability both during construction and in the final state.

Geogrids like Secugrid® have also proven beneficial in managing challenges like sinkholes and mining voids, reducing surface deformation caused by subsidence. The polymers used in Secugrid® ensure a robust and durable product that reduces rutting, bulging, and crack formation, making it a go-to choice for safe, economically durable engineering work.

Most notably, the interaction between soil and Secugrid® is highly efficient. This unique geogrid absorbs and distributes stresses applied to the soil, thereby minimizing soil deformation and maintaining the integrity of the reinforced structure. It’s an ideal soil stabilization solution that balances high strength, durability, and effectiveness, setting new standards in the industry.

In conclusion, when it comes to soil reinforcement and stabilization, Geogrid – and specifically Secugrid® – is a game-changing solution. It’s revolutionizing how we approach soil stabilization, ensuring structures stand the test of time. Trust in Geogrid; trust in Secugrid®.

Naue geogrids are the choice for all applications where high tensile strength over a long service life is required. The selection of the polymers used in combination with the applied product technology guarantees a robust and durable stabilisation and reinforcement product.