Reinforcement element
with separation and
filtration function

Reinforcement element with additional separation and filtration function

Geogrid reinforcement
Combigrid® 40/40 Q1 GRK 4 DB
Placement of a Combigrid® reinforcement layer with additional separation and filtration function
Railway solution multicomponent geogrid


  • Soil reinforcement (without design calculation)
  • Separation and filtration
Reinforcement element with an additional separation and filtration function

Requirements of Deutsche Bahn:

  • Manufacturer related product qualification (HPQ) according to application 3.5*
  • Biaxial geogrid
  • Separation and filtration
  • Tensile strength ≥ 40kN/m
  • Mechanically bonded nonwoven geotextile GRK 4


  • Immediate interlocking with cover aggregate (no production specific elongation)
  • High resistance against chemical and microbial attack
  • Cost savings with reduced base course thickness

*Our geosynthetic product specifications are in line with the German manufacturer related product qualification (HPQ, Application number according to DB Standard 918 039 „Technical delivery conditions for Geosynthetics in railway constructions“, Deutsche Bahn AG) All mentioned products types are exemplary according to the above-mentioned specifications. The product types can vary according to local requirements or customer requests.

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