Bentofix® Green is a thin-layer, highly effective mineral waterproofing layer

which, depending on requirements, contains silt and/or clay and/or bentonite, encapsulated between 2 stretchable and/or robust textile layers. Due to the full-surface needling of the textile layers, the clay liner can absorb shear forces regardless of direction. The textile layers of the Bentofix® Green geomembrane are completely biodegradable under natural conditions. The sealing effect and long-term shear strength of Bentofix® Green can be controlled and adapted to the specific project. This means that Bentofix® Green is a natural mineral sealant on a roll.

Application advantages of Bentofix® Green

  • 100 % natural components

  • Versatile application as a seal, colmation layer and protective layer

  • Project-specific, coordinated sealing effect using mixtures of natural sands, silts, clay and bentonite, e.g. highly swellable sodium bentonite

  • If necessary, immediate sealing effect and project-specific Long-term behavior of the natural sealing material used

  • Mineral seal insensitive to subsidence

  • Greater robustness and installation safety compared to conventional earthworks seals

  • Full-surface needling increases the internal friction angle and transfers the shear force during installation regardless of direction

  • Long-term shear force transmission thanks to project-specific sealing material

  • Installation advantages due to sheets up to 5 m wide

  • Easy, quick and inexpensive to install Stable against UV radiation

  • No release of plastic into the environment during installation, operation and possible dismantling


Reduced transportation emissions and improved CO2 balance.


Certified degradability in industrial and domestic composting as well as in the environment under suitable conditions.

Renewable raw materials

Use of exclusively organic, natural and renewable raw materials.


Processing of the organic nonwoven by soil organisms, microorganisms and fungi.

Mineral fillers

Bentonite, silts, clays and sands:
from nature for nature.

Typical applications for Bentofix® Green

Pond, basin, dam and bank sealing

Long-term bank sealing of e.g. ponds, dams, basins or watercourses with Bentofix® Green without any plastic remaining in the environment.

Trench sealing

Sealing of trenches and troughs to prevent unwanted water ingress into the subsoil.

Colmation mat

Initial sealing of watercourses at the bed and in the bank area. Over time, so-called colmation areas form on the beds of watercourses, which prevent and slow down infiltration. Bentofix® Green is the ideal ecological solution for accelerating colmation and especially for the initial sealing effect.

Bentofix® Green – a natural alternative for ecological construction projects

Bentofix® Green is an ideal sealing element for all natural sealing measures on ponds, streams, ditches, dams, rivers and banks. The development of Bentofix® Green is the result of four decades of application and development experience by Naue as the inventor of the full-surface needled clay liner.

Strong composite for robust installation

Full-surface needling firmly bonds the three layers of top layer, mineral filler component and carrier layer together. The thin and highly effective Bentofix® Green is thus securely protected against displacement of the filling material and damage and can be laid quickly and easily, even in large areas.

Fast and strong swelling

Fast and strong swelling – just as much as is needed: Depending on the product variant, Bentofix® Green can allow small amounts of water to pass through or absorb it with clay seals up to 100 cm thick. In contact with fresh water, the bentonite powder used swells and creates a homogeneous gel-like sealing layer. This seals off any mechanical damage during the installation phase. The outer high-performance biodegradable textile layers protect the sealing core and encapsulate it during installation and the initial swelling phase to prevent erosion. After removal of the cover and carrier layer, the sealing core retains its sealing function. Depending on the product variant, integrated grain fractions take on additional shear forces and increase the resistance to sliding.

Natural filling material

Depending on the application, Bentofix® Green is equipped with various natural mineral filling materials and can therefore be used as a partially permeable or impermeable mat. Depending on the project-specific requirements, the sealing core can be supplemented with silts, clays and sand fractions to achieve the desired sealing effect and shear strength.

Naue GreenLine

Naue is green. We have been thinking and acting green for more than 50 years. We always keep the environment in mind when developing, producing and using our products. We are now taking the next logical step with the Naue Greenline. A biodegradable product line.

confirms the conformity of the product with Euronorm 13432, “Requirements for the recycling of packaging by composting and biodegradation”

guarantees complete biodegradability in garden compost

guarantees biodegradability in an industrial composting plant

guarantees biodegradation in a natural freshwater environment

guarantees complete decomposition in natural soils

guarantees biodegradation in a natural seawater environment