Protection against bed and bank erosion on trenches and brooks

Sustainable protection against flooding and erosion

Any construction project that interferes with the natural stream course of small trenches and brooks requires sustainable protection against flooding and erosion.

Natural streams shape landscapes and are constantly in movement. They shift large amounts of sediment, soil, and flotsam. In the process, not only the stream course itself changes, but the entire stream area including the floodplain. Often, we hardly notice these changes because they happen very slowly. During floods, however, a streams can be completely transformed overnight.

Nowadays, straightened and narrowed trenches and brooks must be continuously maintained and repaired after severe flood events. These short-lived investments could also be partly channeled into the renaturation of watercourses and the creation of waterourse development areas. In the long term, investing in areas for near-natural waterourse development pays off, as it reduces the risk of flooding and the potential for damage.

Erosion protection systems support near-natural trench course development

Permanent and temporary erosion control systems support the development of near-natural watercourses. They act against erosion by fluids such as wind or water, enable groundwater protection and help increase water quality and habitat diversity.

For trenches and brooks, the focus is on creating a suitable and natural surface for flora and fauna that also complies with the environmental principles, e.g., those of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Temporary natural fibre systems

100% biodegradable natural fibre systems with coir fibres are ideal for temporary installation. They reduce flow velocity and support diverse brook hydraulics.

Georolls e.g., allow the flow to be specifically adjusted and therefore provide water morphological process areas. The size of the individual semipermeable elements and the modified flow allow flow and cross-sectional forms, current shadows, scouring, fords and embankments to form. The resulting complex dynamic structural diversity drives extremely good ecological conditions in flowing water bodies.

Typical solutions

  • Vegetating trench/brook slopes
  • Vegetating dykes

Permanent geotextile systems

For permanent installation, geomat product combinations of 3D Mesh and nonwoven components are suitable. The erosion control mats are modular and consist of a UV-stabilised, biologically, and chemically resistant 3D Mesh.

They reduce the flow energy at the trenches and brooks bottom so that only smaller particles can be transported and provide space for sedimentation. In combination with the nonwoven component, they additionally support particle retention below the product by forming a particle barrier.

Typical solution

  • Vegetating, protecting, and securing brook beds
  • Fixing trench/brook beds

Software and product recommendation for erosion control systems

Naue erosion control systems provide temporary and permanent erosion control for any application in the form of Secumat® products. This includes the Secumat® ClassicLine geocells, earth anchors and erosion control steel pins as well as combined 3D Mesh products. Secumat® GreenLine uses biodegradable areal products and wooden pins for fixing.

Naue Erosion Control Software

Software for Secumat® erosion control systems on slopes, trenches and brooks.

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Secumat® Green Coco

Sustainable, temporary erosion control solution from 100% untreated coir fibre and completely biodegradable.

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Secumat® Green Jute N

Sustainable, temporary erosion control solution from 100% untreated jute fibre and completely biodegradable.

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Fixing for Secumat® natural fibre products

Sustainable and secure erosion control system from a single source.

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Secumat® 3D Meshes

Modular, permanent erosion control geomats.

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Secumat® Cell

Versatile, permanent erosion control geocells.

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Fixing and earth anchor system for Secumat® geotextiles

Permanent high-quality and secure erosion control system from a single source.

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