Biogas – Sustainable energy from organic matter

Forward-thinking construction of biogas plants and essential infrastructure

Biogas is a sustainable energy source derived from organic matter and plays a significant role in the global energy transition. It is produced through the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biological waste and can be efficiently utilised in biogas plants. These facilities are not only a solution to waste management issues but also a source of renewable energy for electricity and heat generation as well as fuel. To fully harness the potential of biogas, competent construction of the plants and their infrastructures is imperative. Our team of civil and environmental engineers is dedicated to developing customised sealing solutions and soil reinforcement solutions to support your biogas projects from conception through technical implementation to operation.

Sealing systems – Safe and durable

Your Advantages:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Over 100 years lifespan
  • Maximum safety
  • Complete solutions worldwide

Our sealing solutions are specially designed for the high demands of biogas plants, ensuring significant emission reduction. They offer not just a lifespan of over a century but also the highest level of environmental safety with our innovative, redundant sealing components. Our unique system solutions from a single source include planning, material provision, and installation – globally. Benefit from our extensive experience in sealing and lining, which we combine with our expertise in soil reinforcement and stabilisation, to provide you with tailor-made solutions that reliably protect against environmental emissions and sustainably improve the efficiency of your facilities.

Naue system solutions for biogasplants – Absolutely leak-proof

Your Advantages:

  • Emission control
  • 100 years functionality
  • Approved, certified sealing components
  • Efficient soil reinforcement

With Naue system solutions, you rely on proven sealing expertise for your biogas plant. Effective emission control is guaranteed by materials selected for their longevity and reliability, extending the system’s lifespan to over 100 years. Our redundant sealing package ensures maximum safety, while the soil reinforcement is achieved without the need for costly soil preparation. Global installation and servicing complete our offer, making it a comprehensive, efficient solution for your biogas production – minimise emissions, maximise operational efficiency, and embrace sustainable innovations to keep pace with tomorrow’s challenges.

Biomass covers – Ecological and practical

Your Advantages:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • No disposal effort
  • Sustainable and residue-free
  • Easy to use

Our GreenLine series represents a revolution in sustainable biomass use by offering 100% biodegradable and compostable solutions. The covers require no disposal or thermal recovery, thus supporting both industrial and private composting. They set an example for sustainable waste management and provide an ecological alternative to conventional biomass covers. These products help to reduce the CO2 footprint by eliminating the need for disposal and supporting the natural cycle through their compostability. Opt for our GreenLine and make an active contribution to environmental protection while reducing long-term costs.

Expertise for the Future of Your Facilities

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