Wind Energy Onshore – Dynamic Force for a Green Future

Efficient Construction of Onshore Wind Facilities and Infrastructure

Onshore wind energy is a keystone in the future energy provision. Onshore wind farms stand out due to their closeness to the electricity grid and their high maintenance efficacy. A robust infrastructure is crucial for their operation: from solid foundations to secured access routes and the safeguarding of grid technology. Our team of experts is at hand to back your project from its planning through to maintenance, offering tailor-made geotechnical fabric solutions for utmost performance and sustainability.

Load-bearing subsoil for your wind park

Your Advantages:

  • Enhanced ground stability
  • Extended lifespan of the facilities
  • Efficient ground stabilisation
  • Environmentally friendly construction
  • Minimised impact on nature

Maximise the efficiency of your wind farm with avant-garde ground reinforcement methods. Our array of specialised ground stabilisation systems ensures the foundational strength required for the safety and efficiency of your wind turbines. Our sustainable approaches facilitate the ecological melding of your wind farm into the landscape, prolong the durability of your installations, and make maintenance simpler.

Access roads and temporary embankments: Secure transport to your wind farm

Your Advantages:

  • Swift creation of pathways
  • Access to challenging locales
  • Stable embankment structures
  • Sustainable system solutions

Establish enduring and stable access routes for your wind energy projects. Our cutting-edge systems for ground reinforcement and stabilisation permit the prompt laying of roads, even over pliable terrain, aiding the efficiency increase during your wind turbines’ erection. Our techniques are time and cost-saving and guarantee accessibility throughout the project’s life span.

Crane set-up areas and working platforms: safety and stability

Your Advantages:

  • Material efficiency and swiftness of installation
  • Boosted workplace safety
  • Straightforward and cost-effective installation
  • Conservation of the environment and resources

Enhance work conditions and safety when installing your wind turbines and masts with our specialist solutions for the stabilisation of crane set-up areas and working platforms. Through the application of our progressive soil strengthening products, you provide a trustworthy foundation for heavy lifting machinery whilst concurrently conducting responsibly towards the environment.

Cable, pipe, and line protection

Your Advantages:

  • Efficient safeguarding of installations
  • Assured groundwater preservation
  • Adaptable and accommodating materials
  • Cost-effective installation

Guarantee the functional reliability of your wind turbines with dependable cable and pipeline protection. Our inventive sealing and reinforcing solutions offer persistent protection for your technical infrastructure, diminishing the likelihood of malfunctions and advocating the sustainability of your energy projects.

Expertise for the Future of Your Installations

Ensure the future-proofing of your energy generation with enduring construction methods. Reach out to us now and collaboratively plan your project with our experts.