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Bentofix® Secutex® – Sealing system for a new leisure lake – Thornwick Bay Holiday Village

Probably best known for its towering chalk cliffs and huge seabird colony, Flamborough Headland is also the location of one of four Haven holiday destinations on the Yorkshire coast. Since acquiring the site back in 2015, Haven has invested heavily in the refurbishment and expansion of the holiday park, and construction of the new lake, covering almost 2 hectares, is just one element of a 10-year masterplan for the Thornwick site and part of a multi-million-pound investment to modernise and improve the site’s overall appearance.

July 3, 2023|

Bentofix® X – Meizhou Cultural Village – China

Meizhou City, now known as Meishan City, is a prefectural-level municipality in the Sichuan Province, China. More than 3 million inhabitants are registered in this city. Morphologically, the town is located south-west of the Sichuan Basin, a lowland region surrounded by mountains and drained by the Yangtze River.

June 12, 2023|

Secumat® – Heidlandgraben – Germany

While expanding the surface drainage of an industrial area in Hamburg-Harburg, the Heidlandgraben was expanded. The cross-section of the drainage channel had to be given a larger volume in the confined space between the plots of land and thus be able to hold more capacity. For this reason, it was necessary to make the slopes relatively steep. The subgrade formed a sandy subsoil, on which the topsoil for the greening required additional support against surface-parallel erosion phenomena.

June 7, 2023|

Secutex® Soft Rock – Geotextile wall Lubmin – Germany

At the seaside resort of Lubmin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany), the storm surge in 2017 and two storm surges in 2019 led to a substantial decline of the dune due to erosion, so that short-term action was needed. Due to the cramped conditions on site, the State Office for Agriculture and the Environment (StALU) could not construct the coastal protection dune according to its intended cross-section. In case of an imminent complete erosion of the dune in the event of a storm surge, an additional construction had to take over the function as the last barrier against breakthrough.

June 7, 2023|

Bentofix® X – Huawei Song Shan Lake – China

Huawei Ox Horn Campus was developed on the south shore of Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. The Europeanthemed model village consists of 12 groups of buildings, inspired by European cities or regions. The buildings will be used as Huawei’s Research and Development Centre with a capacity of 25.000 employees and a total GFA of over 1 million square meters. The total cost of the entire complex is around $1.5 billion.

June 7, 2023|

Secutex® Soft Rock – Protection shore Bang Muang – Thailand

The Bangsak Beach, which is located at Bang Muang, Takua Pa district, Phang Nga province of Thailand, has been frequently visited by both tourists and locals due to its beautiful beachfront. The existence of the beach is important to the local economy and especially to tourism in the region.

June 7, 2023|

Secutex® Soft Rock – PKNS Seri Selangor Golf Club

The Seri Selangor Golf Club (KGSS) located at Damansara, Selangor is an 18-hole golf course wholly owned by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS). Near hole no. 18 a natural stream crosses the golf club area. It adjoins the coffee house at the main entrance where a grand view of the overall KGSS Golf course is given.

June 7, 2023|

Secutex® HB – Pile dwellings at Rapperswil-Jona

The pile dwellings in upper Lake Zurich, Switzerland originated 4000 years ago and were awarded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Natural erosion and the turbulence created by the busy shipping were endangering these unique structures in the shallow water zone. With the help of Secutex® HB geotextile filter and protection sand mats they were secured for posterity.

June 7, 2023|

Secutex® HB – West Sands Holiday Park – UK

England has a long and well-known history of coastal defence. Today, coastal protection remains a high priority – though it now focuses on erosion and flood control and civil infrastructure. The West Sands Beach Project at Medmerry near Selsey and Sussex on the southeastern coast is the largest privately funded coastal protection scheme of its kind in the UK’s history.

June 7, 2023|

Bentofix® X – Rehabilitation of historical moat in Delitzsch – Germany

In the shape of a horseshoe, the moat runs around the old town centre of Delitzsch in Saxony. The moat is a standing water body with an old clay liner. The moat can be fed with fresh water from the nearby small river Lober if necessary.

June 6, 2023|

Secutex® Soft Rock – Trial Riverbank Protection at Mekong Delta – Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is the region in southwest Vietnam where the Mekong River flows into the sea through a network of distributaries with over 40,500km². It encompasses a large portion of south- western Vietnam and is the world‘s 3rd largest delta. The Mekong Delta is known as „biological treasure trove“ with over 1,000 animal species. It is by far Vietnam’s most productive region in agriculture and aquaculture.

June 6, 2023|
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