The Naue Portal

The next level of design software for engineers

How can we plan complex construction projects holistically?
Which tools can be used to plan and accurately document modern flood and stormwater retention basins, among other things, and how can we calculate complex base course calculations for working platforms?

The Naue Portal enables you to do all this and much more.

The SolutionFinder from Naue.

Next to the design suite, a new innovation for a wide range of calculations in construction design.

The planning of stormwater retention basins is only the first step. The Naue portal will be expanded and supplemented with many other useful solutions.

It enables you to find, step by step, exactly the technical solution you need for your very individual challenge. Whether drawings, stability calculations for structural analysis or documentation – the SolutionFinder offers a depth of functionality that is unique in the industry and is the ideal choice for the safe and precise project planning of waterproofing systems.

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Naue SolutionFinder impressions

Here are some impressions that show the scope of the SolutionFinder.

SolutionFinder Functions

This is what the new Naue SolutionFinder offers you!

24/7 Accessible and fast calculation

Cloud-based online system which is accessible at any time from anywhere in the world. Optimized for mobile and desktop. Sophisticated algorithms and technical, mathematical calculations developed by civil engineers and software specialists enable fast and accurate solution results.

Technical solution

The SolutionFinder provides you with a project-specific recommended layered structure with variable selectable soil layers and consideration of protective and drainage layers. Furthermore, the stability verification for the layered systemin the slope area taking into account freely selectable soils, inclinations, lengths, layer thicknesses and load cases.

Extensive reports

Drawings of the system, complete system composition of soils, waterproofing, protection, separation, filter and drainage layers as well as reinforcement components, if applicable, all required information on geometry and anchoring, logging of all consulting steps during the consulting run, logging of the calculation results, compilation of all specification documentsComplete and comprehensive reporting in open PDF format.

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Discover the new SolutionFinder and register now for free.

In the first stage you can calculate stormwater retention basins, in the near future you will be the first to use the stages for infrastructure, hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering.