Innovative Hydropower Technologies – For a Sustainable Future

Secure longevity and efficiency of your hydropower plants with our system solutions.

Hydropower is a cornerstone of renewable energies, becoming even more powerful and sustainable thanks to modern technology. Our certified system solutions with geosynthetic materials not only offer a lifespan of over a century but also conserve the environment through minimised material use. With biodegradable options and a global readiness for installation, we stand for hydropower plants characterised by reliability and minimal environmental impact.

Forward-looking dam construction and sealing for hydropower projects

Your Advantages:

  • Certified sealing systems for hydropower plants
  • Integrated system solutions for dam construction from a single source
  • Life expectancy > 100 years for lasting drive water channels
  • Use of biodegradable materials for sustainable hydropower
  • Resource conservation through the reduction of bulk material volumes

Optimise the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your dams with our specialised system solutions. Our certified and sustainable sealing systems ensure the functionality of your hydropower plants and reduce the risk of breaches and leaks, thus protecting the environment and population. Our global installation services guarantee the best support for your dam construction and sealing projects.

Riverbed stabilisation and efficient drive water channels

Your Advantages:

  • Long-term stabilisation of riverbeds and penstock channels
  • Proven system solutions > 100 years lifespan for hydropower projects
  • Environmental protection through efficient resource use in dam construction

Ensure the performance of your drive water channels with our advanced stabilisation techniques. Our durable and efficient solutions enhance the effectiveness of your hydropower facilities and contribute to environmental preservation. With a global presence, we are your partner for environmentally considerate hydropower infrastructures.

Natural alternatives! Proven earth over dull Concrete

Your Advantages:

  • Effective system solutions as an alternative to concrete constructions
  • Permanent and environmentally friendly construction for hydropower projects
  • CO2-reduzierende Bauweisen

  • Reduction of bulk material volumes and the use of natural materials

Experience the difference with our green solutions in dam construction, allowing for a harmonious integration into the landscape. Our system solutions combine efficiency with aesthetics and contribute to a sustainable hydropower plant.

Safe foundation for hydropower infrastructure

Your Advantages:

  • Increase in stability and load-bearing capacity for facility paths
  • Sustainable and material-saving dam construction methods
  • Environmentally friendly solutions for challenges in the hydropower sector

Improve the accessibility of your hydropower facilities with our stabilisation solutions. Enhance the safety and stability of access paths to your operational sites. We create secure and lasting paths that meet the challenges of soft subgrades and provide a consistent foundation for your projects.

Expertise for the future of your installations

Ensure the future-proofing of your energy generation with durable construction methods. Contact us now and plan your project in collaboration with our experts.