Naue supports with own engineering office

Naue’s engineering office is a vital part of our offering as a full-service provider to the industry. Our skilled and trained team of engineers are experts on geosynthetics and their applications.
We can support on design and calculations. Our experts provide engineering advice for the design and dimensioning as well as for the application of geosynthetics in earth work, road, railway and transport construction, hydraulic and landfill engineering as well as for groundwater protection.

Engineering services

Our engineering services include, but are not limited to:

  • Filter and drainage capacity calculations

  • Design of lining systems

  • Stability analysis

  • Installation advice

  • Layout plans

  • Planning and execution of in-situ monitoring

  • Full QA/QC support

Engineering standards

Our services are based on the latest know-how and state of the art, based on balanced and transparent German codes, regulations and law. Highly sophisticated engineering standards and regulations according to EuroCode and harmonised European standards as well as DIN standards are our daily business as well as designing with or based on international standards.

Naue develops geotechnical software tools

Naue engineers work with a lot of different tools. Some of them were developed and programmed in-house. This way, the expertise of our engineering team is embedded directly in the software. To make your life easier and help you with your design and calculation challenges some of the tools we use are also available on our website. The softwares support you with the design of base course thicknesses for stabilised and reinforced base courses, coastal or scour protection systems or reinforced steep slopes, walls and abutments.