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Bentofix® Carbofol® Secugrid® – Nyamasoga Landfill -Uganda

The Nyamasoga Landfill in Uganda is a critically important hazardous waste facility in the oil-rich Hoima District. The 44 ha site is in close proximity to drilling pads and a proposed refinery. The site is also something of a trailblazer. In the absence of any governing hazardous waste barrier standards in the country for such a site, the facility owner chose a fully modernised design with geosynthetics from Naue for environmental security.

June 7, 2023|

Bentofix® X – Hervey Range and Stuart Landfill

Townsville city lies on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia with an estimated population of 200,000. Townsville city council runs three operational landfills that are open to the public. The Townsville Waste Services Department issued documentation for contract in late 2014 for capping and stormwater management of its two largest waste facilities at the Stuart landfill and the Hervey Range landfill. The Stuart landfill has an area of 81 hectares, while the total area of the Hervey Range landfill is approximately 74.6 hectares.

June 5, 2023|

Bentofix® – Musselburgh Ash Lagoons – UK

The ash lagoons at Levenhall Links, on the outskirts of Musselburgh, in Scotland, were constructed in the 1960s on land which had been reclaimed from the Forth estuary. Created to accommodate spoil from Scottish Power's coal-fired Cockenzie Power Station, which ceased operation in 2013, waste fly ash was mixed with water to form a slurry and then transported from the plant, through a network of pipes, to be deposited in the lagoons.

May 31, 2023|

Secutex® Bentofix® – Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill – Malaysia

Klang Valley or Greater Kuala Lumpur is an area of approx. 2,800 km2 surrounding Malaysia’s capital and its adjacent state Selangor. Ten different local councils cover the area beyond the boundary of Kuala Lumpur. To preserve the quality of the environment, which is vital to the city, cleanliness and quality of life must be maintained at the highest possible level.

May 26, 2023|
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