Coastal protection

The hydraulic engineering sector was actually one of the earliest adopters of geosynthetics. One of the earliest and often quoted projects designed with geosynthetics is the Valcros Dam in France (1970). More than a decade before that, practitioners in the US and Europe used geotextiles for coastal protection works. A common application in coastal works is to use a geotextile, such as Naue Secutex® H, as a separation, filtration and erosion control layer. Geotextile underlay, topped with either sand/soil or stone, prevents wash out of the sediments below. This ensures that even if a hard storm affects the layer above, the geotextile prevents further erosion. Sand-filled nonwoven geotextile bags, containers or tubes
(e.g., Secutex® Soft Rock) provide scour protection for wave-exposed structures. They protect port walls. They create artificial reefs and stabilize beaches. Of note, these highly durable bags, containers and tubes can be filled with site soils, making them efficient and cost-effective.

Whatever the application, nearly every coastal protection application must have a robustness. Seaside environments are challenging. Loads are frequent and fluctuating. There is considerable moisture to soften soils. Swift changes in weather and wave forces can occur and stress different points of a construction. Naue’s decades of manufacturing experience and design, supply, and installation of geosynthetics give a detailed understanding of the challenges in hydraulic applications. Our materials are designed to survive the difficult environments and provide long-term protection of coastal infrastructures.

Underwater installation

In some cases, underwater installation of a geosynthetic solution is possible. For coastal defense works, Naue Secutex® HB 751 sand ballast mats can be used. This uniquely engineered product features a sand layer encapsulated by two durable geotextiles. The increased density allows it to sink in water for simplified, more effi cient installation and material control during hydraulic engineering applications.

Sandfilled geotextile containers

Secutex® Soft Rock is a geotextile-based system for sandfilled bags, containers, and tubes. The needle-punched Secutex® filter nonwoven geotextile provides a highly dur able solution for the efficient construction of coastal structures, dune security systems, and scour protection designs. Secutex® Soft Rock provides an alternative to conventional rock materials such as riprap, gravel filters, and other hard armour and aggregate solutions. The availability of different sizes, weights, and fill capacities makes it a highly flexible design solution. The decades of performance in applications such as scour protection and the ability to use local sands and soils makes it a very sustainable solution in coastal protection