Sustainable disposal: Building a reinforced soil structure with gabion fronts ensures nature preservation

Landfill Hannover, Germany: Directly alongside the northern foot of the embankment of the old landfill there is a rush-cutting area which was deemed particularly worthy of preservation. To prevent interference with this habitat as a result of the levelling of the embankment, a geosynthetically-reinforced construction was erected along 200m. The geosynthetically reinforced soil structure here has been installed behind a gabion wall. The geosynthetic reinforcement consists of reinforcing layers using Secugrid® 400/50 R6 Z geogrids. The separation between the layers is 50cm, which corresponds to the height of the gabion sections, so that the reinforcing layers can be linked to the gabion sections for load transfer. The 9.5m high support construction is split into two gabion walls and two intermediate embankments. The intermediate embankments have a gradient of 1:2 (lower embankment) and 1:2.5 (upper embankment). The gabion walls lean at 3.5° from vertical against the supporting construction.