Underwater installation of Naue sealing systems for flood protection

The film “Dam Sealing with Bentofix® BZ 13-B” shows how Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) allow ecological, economical and safe construction. A barrage along the Lech River in Feldheim, Germany is profiled.

The Feldheim barrage is located directly in a nature reserve, 40 km north of Augsburg. As part of the renewal of flood defenses, geosynthetic clay liners were installed to seal the protective dams.

The ongoing operation of the barrage could not be obstructed during construction, and special emphasis was placed on not adversely affecting the environment. Thus, the Bavarian power authority (BEW) opted for the underwater installation of a geosynthetic clay liner sealing system. DOBLER was commissioned for the construction work. The GCL was provided by the manufacturer Naue GmbH & Co. KG.

Bentofix® BZ 13-B is specially designed for underwater installation. Bentofix® BZ 13-B is a needle-punched, scrim-reinforced geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) with an additional top-side sand ballast layer. The encapsulated sodium bentonite swells in contact with water to provide an exceptional seal. The integrated sand ballast core also ensures the GCL’s “self-sinking.” This weight ensures secure, stable positioning of GCL panels, as well as enhances protection against other installation activities.

The advantages of Betofix® BZ 13-B:

  • Highly efficient, effective sealing
  • Weighted for self-sinking
  • Stable positioning
  • Self-sealing overlaps
  • Easy installation, including underwater
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective installation