Our three building blocks for your sustainable success

“Building on sustainable ground” is Naue’s mission – and the promise that our geotechnical solutions combine efficiency, progress and commitment. Based on these three core values, we take responsibility as one of the leading international manufacturers of geobuilding materials: for our customers, all our employees and, of course, for the environment. For over 50 years.

#1 Efficiency

Naue enables fast, simple, high-quality and sustainable processing of your projects.

Our geotechnical solutions ensure that construction progresses on schedule and according to plan and also make alternative construction methods possible. This allows you to efficiently reduce your construction and operating costs and conserve natural resources.

#2 Progress

With a pioneering spirit, Naue develops groundbreaking geotechnical solutions for you.

For over 50 years, we have distinguished ourselves as pacesetters and idea providers in the design of construction projects. Based on feasibility scenarios, we implement the best possible solutions for you.

#3 Commitment

Naue is your committed project partner and facilitator.

We support our customers as an experienced partner with advice and assistance. Individual services ensure a smooth process – throughout all phases of your project, from planning to implementation.

Your most important Naue advantages at a glance:

  • Building with Naue is safe, reliable, high-quality and sustainable.
  • Building with Naue is sustainable because it results in long-lasting buildings and significant CO2 savings. Naue uses tried-and-tested, bio-based and biodegradable products.
  • For customers and business partners, building with Naue means relying on a solid partner.