Geogrid reduces earthworks by more than 40 per cent

Embankments have to be reinforced, subsoils stabilised, or sinkholes bridged. Due to extreme weather events, the need for soil reinforcement steadily increases. High strength geogrids can make such work much easier. Secugrid® HS geogrids from Naue enable time savings of more than 40 per cent for complex earthworks.

With weak and compressible soils, earthworks are often a long process. The fill has to be installed in stages, and the soft soil may need to be relieved by a deep foundation. These measures usually take a lot of time and increase costs.

Secugrid® HS geogrids simplify and reduce earthworks:

More than 40 per cent time savings for embankments on soft soil
High tensile strengths of the geogrids of up to 1200 kN/m increase the long-term stability of embankments. The geogrids relieve the soft soil and stabilise the embankment structure.  Differential settlements are mitigated, and larger fill heights reduce the construction time.

Up to 30 per cent fewer piles
The design of reinforced load transfer platforms over piles is used to improve embankment stability and to prevent settlements. The high strength of the geogrids allows larger pile spacing, and fewer piles are required. Waiting times for consolidation processes can be omitted.

Safe protection against sinkholes and mining voids
The geogrids are installed below embankments or fill layers to limit the number of surface deformations caused by subsidence. Thus, geogrids reduce the risk of accidents and increase safety.

High tensile strength and robust geogrid
Secugrid® HS was developed specifically for geotechnical applications in earthworks where tensile strengths of more than 400 kN/m are required. The laid geogrids are made of high tenacity polyester filaments with an extruded polyethylene protective coating and welded junctions. They combine high tensile strengths and low creep tendency with extreme robustness and resistance even under permanent loads.

Extremely robust against damage during installation
Secugrid® HS is very robust against high stresses during the installation phase and almost retains its initial strength. In field trials, a strength reduction of less than 3% was determined for Secugrid® HS 1200/100 R6 when installed below crushed stone (d85 <35mm).

Civil engineers and designers receive support in design and construction
Naue also advises civil engineers and designers on design, selection and application of geogrids. Services include, for example, stability calculations, installation drawings and implementation planning.