Naue Assistant: Revolution in our digital customer interaction

Discover our new chatbot and experience improved, interactive information retrieval

We are pleased to introduce the Naue Assistant – an innovative chatbot that takes our digital customer interaction to a new level. The Naue Assistant provides a seamless and interactive experience for visitors to our website.

The Naue Assistant is more than just an ordinary chatbot. It integrates all the knowledge of our website and responds to enquiries in natural language. This allows our customers to get the information they need quickly and accurately without having to navigate through various subpages. The chatbot provides real-time access to current product information, news articles, job offers and upcoming webinars.

Why the Naue Assistant?

  • Fast information search: The Naue Assistant enables users to find answers to their questions quickly and easily by directly accessing relevant information.

  • Efficiency: By using natural language, the chatbot can respond efficiently to enquiries and simplify navigation through the website.

  • Up-to-date information: The Naue Assistant provides access to product information, job vacancies and webinars so that users are always up to date.

  • Interactive experience: The interactive nature of the chatbot provides an enhanced user experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Try the Naue Assistant now to see how it can revolutionise the way you search for information and interact with Naue.