Successful modifications to the Bentofix® plant

Bentofix roll on the new plant

Bentofix® raises the bar for coated bentonite mats

After successful modifications to the Bentofix® plant in Espelkamp in the area of fabric guidance as well as the winding and packaging unit, not only the previous product portfolio alone was successfully produced again on the plant.

Thanks to the improved technology in the area of winding, it is now also possible to produce bentonite mats with coating and very high bentonite weights. The successful result of these efforts is the Bentofix® X10F NSP 8000 Z (> 6250 g/m² bentonite powder dry weight + 1000 g/m² PE coating), which raises the standard for coated bentonite mats and meets the highest requirements for impermeability and protection of the resource water. Projects with special requirements on the level of protection have already been successfully supplied.

Improvements to the fabric guidance and winding unit allow perfect, tight winding, which ensures high precision during installation and fast construction progress. The optimised packaging unit reduces the amount of waste packaging material.

With this example, Naue once again demonstrates innovative strength and sustainable thinking and action in the modernisation of its own production facilities, whereby the existing portfolio of bentonite mats is improved and expanded upwards with new products, but waste and downtimes are reduced. All this commitment is in the sense of a high level of protection for applications in groundwater protection and sustainable use of resources.