Fixing for Secumat® Green natural fibre products

Together with the natural fibre products of Secumat® Green, the fixing forms a sustainable and safe erosion control system on trenches and brooks from one single source.

Secumat® Green PinW

Secumat® Green PinW is a 30 cm long wooden pin with an integral cross bar. It is made using a fine-tooth saw and the knot-free, high-strength hard wood and is left untreated.

The homogeneous, dense wood used is obtained from responsible sources and consists of renewable raw materials.

Typical solutions

  • Securing trench/brook slopes

  • Fixing technical construction projects

  • Infrastructure slopes


  • 100% biodegradable

  • Quick and easy insertion into the ground due to pointed ends

  • Low installation costs due to easy handling

Software and product recommendation for erosion control systems

Naue erosion control systems provide temporary and permanent erosion control for any application in the form of Secumat® products. This includes the Secumat® ClassicLine geocells, earth anchors and erosion control steel pins as well as combined 3D Mesh products. Secumat® GreenLine uses biodegradable areal products and wooden pins for fixing.

Naue Erosion Control Software

Software for Secumat® erosion control systems on slopes, trenches and brooks.

Secumat® Green Coco

Sustainable, temporary erosion control solution from 100% untreated coir fibre and completely biodegradable.

Secumat® Green Jute N

Sustainable, temporary erosion control solution from 100% untreated jute fibre and completely biodegradable.

Secumat® 3D Meshes

Modular, permanent erosion control geomats.

Secumat® Cell

Versatile, permanent erosion control geocells.

Fixing and earth anchor system for Secumat® geotextiles

Permanent high-quality and secure erosion control system from a single source.