Our quick release closure for Secutex® Soft Rock sand containers has been patented

Unique closure technology worldwide

Naue obtains patent for a closing technology for geotextile sand containers

Efficient. Safe. Sustainable. Compared to conventional building materials, geotextile sand containers have numerous advantages. The construction industry has also realised this. More and more companies are therefore opting for the modern variant – for example, for erosion protection along coasts and waterways.

The challenge to date: Sand containers are closed with metal clamps or sewing machines. Especially on the construction site, this occupies enormous material and human resources. Until now. Naue, as a leading supplier of geo-construction materials, has developed a quick fastener that can be closed in just a few steps and without the use of tools. An innovative solution that has now been successfully patented.

Geotextile sand containers from Naue are manufactured from a particularly robust nonwoven geotextile. Construction companies worldwide appreciate the solution’s excellent tensile strength, optimal elongation properties and durability. Due to the new closing technology, construction projects can now be carried out in a particularly sustainable and economically efficient way. “Special tools are not required for this,” explains Dipl.-Ing. Janne Kristin Pries, Product Manager for Nonwovens in Hydraulic Engineering at Naue. “The handling is conceivably simple, so the sand container can be closed by just one person within 40 to 60 seconds – without consuming additional raw materials.”

Sustainable and economically efficient

Intensive staff training is just as superfluous as using sewing machines or industrial yarn. “The companies therefore save time, money and other important resources that they can now invest elsewhere,” emphasises Ms Pries. The filling material is securely encapsulated and remains entirely in the sand container and the closure itself is already integrated. “Obtaining the patent is a great achievement, and we are happy that this will improve the experience for our customers. “Geotextile sand containers from Naue will therefore also enable sustainable and economical construction projects in the future – in Germany and worldwide.”