Secure slopes, stop erosion:

Revolutionise your erosion control

Effective erosion control for landscape projects

Your key to effective erosion control

Secure your landscape projects and minimise the ecological footprint

Learn how Secumat® revolutionises your erosion control. Erosion threatens landscapes, water sources, habitats and structures. With Secumat® geomats, you have an effective remedy at hand. They provide durable erosion control, promote infiltration and reduce soil erosion.

Secumat® is the solution for architects fighting erosion. Our UV-stabilised erosion control products provide efficient erosion protection, are easy and cost-effective to install. They offer a reliable and durable solution. With Secumat® you secure slopes, protect facings systems and green embankments.

Your erosion control advantages:

  • Quick and inexpensive installation
  • No special tools and specific expertise required
  • Reliable and durable

As soon as the Secumat® systems, which are later invisible, are installed, they provide immediate protection against surface erosion.

Secumat® products are particularly robust and sustainable as they support the growth of plants and continue to strengthen over time together with the vegetation.

Easy and quick installation of erosion control materials such as Secumat® erosion control mat

Due to their flexible nature, Secumat® 3D Meshes adapt to any surface and can be effortlessly combined with other products.

Secumat® is particularly robust and sustainable as it supports the growth of plants and thus reinforces embankments, banks and facings.

Secumat® ensures the immediate and permanent protection of your landscape projects.

Revolutionise your erosion control now.

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Secumat® threefold product solutions for your success

Secumat® mesh products with geogrid

Secumat® mesh products with geogrid

Secumat® mesh products with raschel fabric

Secumat® mesh products with raschel fabric

Secumat® Green Coco

Secumat® Green Coco

  1. Secumat® ClassicLine products have proven themselves in long-term use and are classic geotextiles. They offer reliable protection against erosion, both on slopes and in water bodies, even on steep slopes at the front.
  2. For resource-saving solutions, our Secumat® EcoLine is the right choice. These products were developed with the circular economy in mind and are made from high-quality, processed and reused resources.
  3. For comprehensive sustainability, we offer the Secumat® GreenLine products, which are fully biodegradable. Made from renewable raw materials or biodegradable materials, they can remain in nature after use and require no aftercare.