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Bentofix® X – Lining of a balancing pond – HS2 Attenuation Pond – UK

In Warwickshire, just north of Long Itchington Wood, the preparatory operations for this project include the development of a main compound area with office space and welfare facilities, plus storage areas for materials and equipment, and the tunnel being constructed at Long Itchington will enable HS2 trains to pass directly beneath one of the county’s largest areas of ancient woodland. The area is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, and measures to avoid loss of the woodland were developed in consultation with Natural England.

März 5, 2024|

Secutex® Soft Rock – Coastal defence and flood protection, Scharbeutz, Germany

The approx. 5.4 km long coastal strip of the city of Scharbeutz, which is frequently used by tourists is characterised by a wide sandy beach with a beach wall and a promenade, road and buildings behind it. This stretch of coast is largely unprotected from storm surges from the northeast. The coastal defences needed to be improved to protect the residents in this area. The state of Schleswig-Holstein subsidised this construction project.

Januar 10, 2024|

Secutex® Green – Temporärer Einsatz eines biologisch abbaubaren Trenn- und Filtervliesstoffes

Die Wilhelm-Wisser-Schule (WWS) platzt aus allen Nähten. Aus diesem Grund ist in den nächsten Jahren am Standort Elisabethstraße in Eutin der Ausbau als dreieinhalbzügige Gemeinschaftsschule für etwa 550 Schülerinnen und Schüler geplant. Der Unterricht wird jedoch weitergehen. Als Ausweichstandort soll für rund zwei Jahre auf dem Festplatz eine Interimsschule für die WWS eingerichtet werden ...

November 15, 2023|
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