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Secugrid® – Tabing-Duku Road Development – Indonesia

Padang is the capital city and considered as the largest city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. As part of the urban development, it was planned to widen the main road from Tabing to Duku (main access road of Minangkabau International Airport). It was proposed to extend the 2-lane road to a 4-lane road. The main significance of this project was the increase in accessibility and the economic impact on the local com-munity and international tourists.

Juni 6, 2023|

Combigrid® – Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant – Malaysia

The coal fired power plant Manjung 4 or Sultan Azlan Shah power station is considered to be one of the biggest Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects in Asia. Located 4.5m above sea level on 320ha of reclaimed land on the coast of Perak in Malaysia, the Manjung 4 consists of 5 units, with a total capacity of 4.1GW. An average of 30,000 tonnes of coal per day or 15 million tonnes of coal per year are consumed for electricity generation.

Juni 5, 2023|

Bentofix® X – Hervey Range and Stuart Landfill

Townsville city lies on the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia with an estimated population of 200,000. Townsville city council runs three operational landfills that are open to the public. The Townsville Waste Services Department issued documentation for contract in late 2014 for capping and stormwater management of its two largest waste facilities at the Stuart landfill and the Hervey Range landfill. The Stuart landfill has an area of 81 hectares, while the total area of the Hervey Range landfill is approximately 74.6 hectares.

Juni 5, 2023|

Secugrid® HS – Oderdeichsanierung im LK Uckermark

Im Sommer 1997 ereignete sich mit dem Oderhochwasser die größte bekannte Flut an dem deutsch-polnischen Grenzfluss. Durch die mehrwöchige Hochwassersituation wurden nach zahlreichen Deichbrüchen rund 5500 ha landwirtschaftliche Fläche und Siedlungen mit etwa 400 Wohnhäusern überschwemmt. Mehrere Tausend Menschen mussten evakuiert werden.

Juni 5, 2023|

Secugrid® Combigrid® – Gardens by the Bay – Singapore 

Singapore is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Green space on this tightly developed island comes at a premium, but it has become the mission of this Asian city-state to transform itself into a truly green, world city. The impressive Gardens by the Bay installation is the result: a 101ha spread of botanical gardens, forestry, walking trails and waterway views in the heart of Singapore. It’s built on land reclaimed from the sea, and geosynthetics from Naue have played a major role in bringing this garden vision to life.

Juni 5, 2023|

Secutex® Soft Rock – Subang Skypark Rail Project – Malaysia

The electrified double tracking project between the city of Subang Jaya and Skypark Terminal in Malaysia was funded by the Government through Ministry of Transport. The aim was to provide rail-based public transport to connect the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) Airport Terminal 3 (Skypark Terminal) and its vicinity with the existing railway network.

Juni 5, 2023|

Bentofix® – Musselburgh Ash Lagoons – UK

The ash lagoons at Levenhall Links, on the outskirts of Musselburgh, in Scotland, were constructed in the 1960s on land which had been reclaimed from the Forth estuary. Created to accommodate spoil from Scottish Power's coal-fired Cockenzie Power Station, which ceased operation in 2013, waste fly ash was mixed with water to form a slurry and then transported from the plant, through a network of pipes, to be deposited in the lagoons.

Mai 31, 2023|

Combigrid® Secugrid® – Electric vehicle battery gigafactory

Naue have supplied Combigrid® and Secugrid® products for use in the construction of working platforms, to support piling and crane operations, during construction of a gigafactory which will span 50 hectares of land at the International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) in the north east of England, on the border between South Tyneside and Sunderland.

Mai 31, 2023|

Secumat® – Al Batinah Expressway – Oman

Die Schnellstraße Al Batinah ist ein strategisches Infrastrukturprojekt, das die Fernstraße von Muscat mit dem Grenzübergang Khatmat Malaha zu den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten verbindet. Diese wichtige Verbindung verläuft in der Nähe des stark frequentierten Hafens von Sohar, in dem wöchentlich mehr als eine Million Tonnen Seefracht umgeschlagen werden.

Mai 31, 2023|
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