BBA certifies Naue’s Secugrid® HS geogrid product range

The latest addition to Naue’s reinforcement product portfolio is the high-strength geogrid Secugrid® HS. In October 2018, Naue was honoured to receive BBA certification for the product. This achievement acknowledged the high quality of the material and provides assurance of its technical compliance within the construction industry.

The certificate was presented to Andy Cracknell, Director of Naue Geosynthetics Ltd. UK, by BBA’s CEO Claire Curtis-Thomas at the BBA headquarter in Watford, UK.

Receipt of the certificate marks the successful completion of a rigorous independent testing program for Naue’s high-strength geogrid. Specifiers and contractors can use the recognition with full confidence that the product meets its promises for functionality and performance.

Secugrid® HS geogrids are made of high tenacity polyester (PET) filaments with an extruded polyethylene (PE) protective coating. Individual straps are then connected in a regular array by using a mechanical welding technique to produce a 4.75-metre-wide laid & welded geogrid.

Secugrid® HS Geogrids are typically used as basal reinforcement under embankments with the following conditions:

  • Soft foundation soils
  • Piled foundations
  • Areas prone to subsidence
  • Secugrid® HS reinforced soil foundations help control embankment stability, reduce construction time, and provide substantial cost benefits.

More information about Secugrid® HS here.