All from a single source: Supply and installation of a membrane tunnel waterproofing system

Tunnel waterproofing system
  • Project name
    Tunnel Drammen (UDK01), Norway

  • Project owner
    Bane NOR SF, Oslo, Norway

  • Client
    Veidekke Entrepren0r AS, Oslo, Norway

  • Installation period
    August 2021 – August 2022

  • Products
    Secutex® R1001-B2
    Carbofol® Tunnel membrane 2.0
    Carbofol® Rondelles
    Carbofol® ME-Anchors
    Carbofol® Click-System / Injection connection

This flyer effectively summarises the key aspects of our involvement in the Drammen Tunnel project, highlighting the products, installation expertise, comprehensive service, and innovative solutions we provided.

Pioneering solutions for tunnel waterproofing

The Drammen Tunnel, a state-of-the-art 6 km long double-tracked railway tunnel between Drammen and Kobbervikadalen, Norway, is a testament to modern engineering. Designed for a functional service life exceeding 100 years, this project required the utmost in waterproofing excellence. Naue was at the forefront, delivering and installing a comprehensive system to protect against groundwater impact, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Expertise and precision in execution

Our commitment to excellence was demonstrated through the meticulous installation by our teams of certified, highly experienced welders. Guaranteeing a smooth construction process, our teams worked tirelessly to install every component with precision, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Beyond products: A full-service approach

At Naue Sealing, our service extends far beyond product delivery. Our Norwegian branch/permanent establishment handled all administrative tasks, from material importation and tax matters to ensuring compliance with local regulations. We provided end-to-end service.

Naue was responsible for the delivery and installation of approximately 170.000 m2 protection geotextile Secutex® R1001-B2, 170.000 m2 Carbofol® tunnel membrane 2.0, 400.000 pcs Carbofol® Rondelles and 600 pcs Carbofol® ME-Anchors.

Carbofol® ME Anchor: Revolutionizing tunnel sealing

The Carbofol® ME Anchor represents a leap in sealing technology. This non-penetrating solution ensures the effective fixing of reinforcements while maintaining the integrity of the waterproofing membrane, marking a significant advancement in tunnel engineering.

Carbofol® Click System / Injection connection

For the gap-grouting of the inner shell arch area, injection hoses were placed on the tunnel geomembrane. The Carbofol® Click System was used.