Secumat® Green Jute N 500 20x30

Secumat® Green Jute N 500 20x30 is a net-like jute fibre fabric for temporary application. It reduces soil erosion due to erosive precipitation, supports initial revegetation and acts as an interception storage.

Jute fibres are renewable raw materials and biodegradable. The product consists of double-twisted jute and is woven in warp (longitudinal direction) and weft (transverse direction) by plain weave. The jute net has variable and sliding meshes, ideal for advancing plant growth. The number of threads per direction, the shading percentage and the thread thickness offer an interplay of protection and greening potential. The risk of erosion is reduced by a positive water absorption capacity. At the same time, the product acts as an interception store (moisture depot) and gradually releases the water from the jute fibre.

The product is easy to handle and allows for quick and secure installation.

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