Secutex® Soft Rock Grand RS 1201 a

Secutex® Soft Rock Grand RS 1201 a is a geotextile container made of double-layered, robust and abrasion resistant staple fibre nonwoven, homogeneously needle punched through all components. All edges of the product are rounded, to avoid fluttering under wave attack. They are manufactured with double-seam technology (here: double chain stitch + overlock stitch) for maximum durability along all sides of the GSC. For filling with sand two inlet and outlet trunks/ports are pre-manufactured. Cord and pre-cut holes for the cord are included for the closing of the container after filling.

Secutex® Soft Rock Grand RS 1201 a is a multifunctional construction element for hydraulic engineering, which is used as filter, erosion control and scour protection element for exposed application.

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