Secumat® Green Coco R 30

Secumat® Green Coco R 30 is a roller-like coconut fibre roll for temporary application. It reduces the carry-over of soil particles that have started to move as a result of erosive precipitation.

On slopes, the roller reinforces the base of the slope and acts as a greening aid.

In the channel, it reduces the flow as a sill, is used for rapid scour repair, as a sediment and sand trap, for bank renaturation, restoration and re-contouring.

Coconut fibres are renewable raw materials and biodegradable. The two-part product consists of a stuffed coconut fibre filling surrounded by a machine twisted coconut fibre net. The coir fibre net consists of coir double twine and is linked in warp (longitudinal direction) and weft (transverse direction) by knot-fixed rhombic meshes. The coir filling remains in the product when water penetrates and retains soil particles. Here, the fibre length, density and roller diameter ensure positive sediment retention. The product is easy to handle and allows for quick and easy installation.

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