Secumat® Green Coco M 450

Secumat® Green Coco M 450 is a quilted coconut fibre fabric for temporary application. It reduces soil erosion due to erosive precipitation and supports initial revegetation.

Coir and jute are renewable resources and biodegradable. The product consists of a coconut fibre inlay, held by a jute backing and a jute cover fabric and is connected with jute quilting threads.

The coir mat retards surface runoff and reduces soil erosion. This is ideal for advancing plant growth in the seedling and vegetative stages. The mat structure, mass per unit area and layer thickness increases the potential for revegetation. Water is absorbed in the jute threads and released again with a time delay. The coconut fibres have a positive influence on the nutrient balance. The product is easy to handle and enables quick and simple installation.

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