Secumat® Cell 100

Secumat® Cell 100 is a three-dimensional erosion control product for permanent reduction against the consequences of erosive precipitation in round-grained or coarser soils.

The product consists of chemically and biologically resistant solid cell walls welded together for soil and root stabilisation. The cell walls have perforations so that there is a hydraulic coupling of the cells. To improve the contact with the soil, the surface of the cells is textured. Soil particles and plant roots can embed well in these cells.

The product can be used over a wide surface for erosion control. It stabilises the soil surface in earthworks, landfill construction, traffic route construction and hydraulic engineering.

The geocell is permanently connected section by section with the Secumat® Screw connecting element (screw plus nut), which is included in the scope of delivery. Quantities are based on the area to be covered. Material for cut-off must be included in the calculation.

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