Secumat® 601 40/40 Q6 

Secumat® 601 40/40 Q6 is a permanent, three-dimensional erosion control product to protect the soil surface from erosive precipitation, to reduce soil redistribution and to absorb shear stresses above, below and in the water exchange zone.

The combined product consists of a UV-stabilised, extruded randomly oriented filament layer for soil and root stabilisation of the vegetation layer. Here, the filament thickness and the mass per unit area over the layer thickness form the artificial root zone. Soil particles are embedded and plant roots can grow well in this.

Additionally, the product gets its structural strength from a laid geogrid embedded on the bottom side made of stretched, textured, monolithic flat bars with welded nodes. The high long-term tensile strength of the geogrid ensures the long-term stability of the vegetation layer, especially on steep slopes. It is used as soil reinforcement in earthworks, landfill construction, traffic route construction and hydraulic engineering. The product is easy to handle and enables quick and secure installation.

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