Secumat® 3D Meshes

Secumat® 401 G4 and Secumat® 601 G4 are extruded, three-dimensional erosion control mats consisting of a UV-stabilised, biologically and chemically resistant 3D mesh. Compared to Secumat® 601 G4, Secumat® 401 G4 has thinner more finely distributed filaments which makes it particularly suitable for use with fine-grained soils. Secumat 601 G4’s thicker filaments make it an ideal solution for gravelly soils. The artificial root structure provides excellent erosion control due to soil and root stabilisation.

Secumat® 401 G4 and Secumat® 601 G4 erosion control products can reduce consequential costs and provide permanent protection for soil and plant structures when filled in with soil. A rashel fabric is also laminated onto one side of these 3D meshes as a support structure.

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