Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Secutex®

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Secutex®
Secutex® geosynthetics are used in many fields of civil engineering including hydraulic engineering, landfill engineering, road and tunnel construction. As a separation layer, Secutex® prevents individual and distinct granular layers from contaminating one another. Thus, structural fill and base courses maintain their integrity for a substantially longer period of time than otherwise possible. Secutex® functions as a filter, preventing fine soil particles from washing through and compromising the drainage ability of the coars-er layers, when fine soil layers are present next to drainage layers in highway or railway construction projects. Displacement of small amounts of water in problem areas is facilitated by the in-plane Secutex® transmissivity. Secutex® nonwoven geosynthetics with a high mass per unit area can also protect geomembranes or pipes against mechanical damage. If necessary, a woven geosynthetic can be integrated into the matrix of Secutex® to distribute dynamic loads and thus augment its protective abilities.

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