Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Secugrid®

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Secugrid®
The Secugrid® PP product line is mainly used for reinforcement of unbound aggregate layers in foundations, road pavements and trafficked areas. On top of weak subgrades, the geogrid reinforce-ment increases the shear strength of the base aggregate and thus its load distribution capacity, which allows the reduction of fill material in comparison to unreinforced layers. Furthermore, the product can reduce potential differential settlements and provides lateral restraint for the base course material. Thus, the base course generates a higher stiffness, longer lifetimes and higher serviceability compared to unreinforced constructions.
The main differences between the two product lines are the different raw materials. This EPD describes the weighted average Secugrid® products sold by NAUE. The results of this EPD are representative for all Secugrid® products of NAUE using the same raw material.

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