Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300

Bentofix® X2 BFG 5300 is a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) of a continuous layer of a high swelling sodium bentonite powder, sandwiched between a needle-punched polypropylene (PP) geotextile as a cover layer and a slit-film PP woven geotextile as the carrier layer. The components are needle-punched uniformly together across the entire GCL creating a shear stress-transferring composite GCL. Additional 800g/m² bentonite with the same quality as the core bentonite is impregnated into the entire cover nonwoven geotextile during the manufacturing process to facilitate self-sealing overlaps. A smooth polyethylene (PE) layer is applied over the entire surface of the slit-film woven carrier component. An overlap guide-line delineating the overlap zone is imprinted with non-toxic ink 30cm from the woven edges of the GCL panel to ensure the accuracy of the seam. Unless otherwise required, overlaps and connections must be made with the one-sided, self-adhesive Bentofix® X Tape.

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